Zane Returning to America   March 31, 2012

     Pray for us.   Danae and Zane left early am of 30 Mar to go to N’Djamena to try to get tickets to go back to the US.   They are going as a medical evacuation because Zane has not gotten over his recurrent fever so are headed back for more tests to see what is causing the problem.   He has been treated for malaria adequately as well as for possible typhoid etc.   The few tests that we have here are not very reliable.    They were possibly to get on Air France at midnight and arrive back in the US in the p.m. of 31 Mar .     One complication was that their passports were at the mission office to get visas renewed for the past 8 days and they had not done anything about it yet and their visas were expired or about to expire.    Danae finally got someone to unlock the mission office to get their passports but may have to bribe their way at the airport being their visas were expired.   Then they can worry about getting a renewal visa when they get to Washington, D.C.    
     Olen had mentioned about possibly just taking their annual leave now instead of Sept when they had planned.    Also the Parkers (maintainance man, builder etc) are leaving for 3 months leaving 3 April.   I don’t feel very competent in terms of managing the hospital especially with my lack of French to be able to communicate.     I can sort of get by in Surgery, but general medicine and pediatrics and hospital management  etc. is different.   Olen will make further decisions after we hear more about Zane.    Gary Roberts (pilot) is gone with his wife Wendy for a while.   The airplane motor had problems and so it had to be taken apart and sent back to the US for some parts.   Joanne fell from a horse past eve and broke her ankle and we casted it.   We have an x-ray machine now but unable to find some developer yet (not digital here but lucky to have any kind of xray but no good if you can’t look at the film).  
     This evening we (Olen, Dolores, and I ) took a girl home to her village about 7 miles out in the bush.   She had been in the hospital many weeks recovering from burns but is doing ok now.   She will eventually need some contracture release and z-plasty  done on the neck and one arm.   Today was the first that we had been out of Bere since we arrived here.    It was a nice break.     We had been to the river about 5 km away for a baptism last week.  
Love to all,
Rollin and Dolores