Thursday, August 23, 2012

DANGER 11 Aug 2012

     One of our volunteers (Minnie Pardillo from the Philipines) died last Sun a.m. from cerebral malaria and her memorial service was this afternoon.  She worked in public health and was involved in trying to help people in preventive care.  She was a very caring person yet very quiet.  She made a good impression in the area while she was here.  Several of the local people gave testimonies about what she meant to them.  A little 9-yr-boy said she loved the children like God loves.  Even the MCD who has been a problem for the hospital in the past came this afternoon to the memorial and gave a testimony about how Minnie had helped many people and that he had talked with her several times. This same MCD also had an uncle by marriage that I had operated on after he had been operated on in N’DJamena for a “strangulated hernia” and didn’t do well there.  Apparently they got the repair too tight and necrosed the cord and testicle which I removed.  He did very well and became pain free so apparently that also affected the MCD in a positive way.  I was invited over to the uncle’s brother this evening and visited with the MCD and his uncle.  Lots of children die with malaria especially in combination with malnutrition.  Some adults die also especially if they don’t begin  treatment in time. There is a movement to try to get DDT instituted to use to spray around peoples huts to kill some of the mosquitoes that carry malaria. I have mixed feelings on that.  I am aware of the envirionmental problems in America and how it affected the eagles, etc., but . . . out here it is possible it could save thousands of human lives.  I think every missionary out here has had malaria at least once and some have had it several times and have been in Chad for several years.  One has to be sure you take the treatment as soon as you realize that it could be malaria with various aches and pains and weakness and especially if there is a fever.  Being a missionary is a bed of roses with lots of thorns. There is also lots of HIV infection, so especially there is some danger from needle sticks.  Of course there are other problems.  The devil knows how to attack and try to make people discouraged or try to make discord among God’s people so we need your continued prayers that we will continue to be healthy and united in our efforts to bring the good news of salvation to the people here.  
     The “roads” are swamps and huge water holes but apparently are best negotiated on motorcycles.  It is interesting to see the motorcycles used as ambulances as they bring various ones into the hospital even unconscious persons or even convulsing ones.  We do see occ tetanus so one should always keep their tetanus vaccinations up to date to prevent that danger.  This is supposed to be cholera season although I don’t think I have seen any yet so one should always be sure all food is disinfected and have frequent hand washing  to prevent that danger.

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