Sunday, December 23, 2012

Dec 22 Remembering past

 I was listening to some Christmas music here at the house this Sabbath afternoon and played the Messiah done by the London Philharmonic Orchestra and choral. In my mind’s eye I was back in the community chorale in Grove, Oklahoma doing our Christmas program that we did each Christmas for several years. I especially remember one with our leader, Jim Boles. He was very patient with me as he gave me the tenor solo at least one year even though Mr. Wilhelm had a better tenor voice I think. I had problems counting or staying with the right timing with the orchestra, but Jim helped me with that and I made it through. I enjoyed the chorale each year made up of members from several different churches. We had to begin practice in September to be ready for the December program that was usually in the Methodist church. Nancy Lundgren had such a beautiful soprano voice and she also led the chorale a few times after Jim passed away with heart problems.

There were many very beautiful voices and wonderful people in that group. The chorale did not perform the past few years. It seems everyone was too busy especially leadership. Not everyone has the capability to conduct a music group. Back home in America there is lots of music and decorations everywhere but here in Chad there are none. The weather is cool (it might get down to 60 at night) so definitely no snow although this is the coolest time of the year. The people don’t have money to waste on things that are only glitter. They are more concerned with survival and where is the next meal going to come from and will the little child die from malaria or parasites. Almost half of children die before age 5. In the western world esp America we spend so much money for things that really don’t matter very much. Here children make their own toys from whatever they can find although most don’t have much of anything but helping to care for siblings or working in the fields as soon as they are old enough at all.

There was a first here last night. One of the student missionaries helped with Tammy Parker put together a Christmas program for the church school which they never had before. There are almost 300 in the school. Dolores spent lots of time making costumes for the program. The program was held outdoors and many of the community were there. Maybe some of them will get a little glimpse of the Christmas story and the Saviour that came to save us from our sins. There are so many in the world that know almost nothing of the good news of salvation and the Saviour.

Many of you will spend time together with families this holiday season. Our family met together except we were here in Chad and they were together in Oklahoma. Danae, Olen, Lyol, and Zane will be back here in a few days so we are looking forward to that.

We hear that the containers that you have been praying for will be coming in a few days. We hope that is a fact. It would really be Christmas if our container and the containers for the hospital construction arrive here this coming week. Our container was packed 1 year ago. We have lived out of our suitcases and what we could get here so maybe we didn’t need as much as we thought. There are a few things in it that is supposed to help with hospital stuff. There are some books and music and different kinds of food and a kerosene refrigerator and some other things for the house that is supposed to be built for us eventually.

May each of you remember this season what is REALLY important. We are certainly looking forward to the return of our Jesus when all this poverty and suffering will be no more.

Love, Rollin and Dolores

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