Tuesday, August 27, 2013

26 Aug. 2013

It seems as though there is nothing new but as we listen about various ones back home having heart attacks and having stents put in and having cancer surgery and some dying from their heart problems maybe it is safer here than there.  We just have to be concerned about malaria and parasites mainly.   Oh yes there are people here with cancer also usually too advanced to do much about.  Although I recently saw one that I had done a mastectomy and axillary node dissection a year ago and she still looks good with no sign of recurrence yet.  No chemo or radiation available here.  
Today we had the 4th little boy with a calculus lodged in his penis in the past two weeks.   Also had one 3 days ago.   Last week we had a c-section for prolapsed cord and the baby lived amazingly.   Also had a c-section for footling breech (foot waving at us ) but she had twins the second baby was transverse and they both lived and went home ok.   Also a c-section for an arm waving at us and only 4 cm dilation cervix.  They did well also.  The Pediatric census has decreased the past few days.  It seems the malaria and typhoid tends to come in waves.  
Sabbath evening we had some unusual cloud formations.  The sun was getting low in the west and there were some very large thunderheads but above them were these bright clouds coming over them like over a mountain top and they had various colors of the rainbow in them.  They also had like waves in them.  We did get pictures of them.  They were very beautiful.  There was even some lightning to the side but did not get any pictures of that.  Then during the night it rained very hard all night
Dr. James Appel was here this weekend with two senior students from the Union College Physician Assistant program.  I did not know I was supposed to speak for church until just as we were ready to go up front.  I thought they wanted me to have prayer or something until I was asked what my text was for the  message.  Fortunately I had some notes in my Bible.  I preached on “The Bride of Christ” and Dr. Appel translated Into French.  I guess it went ok.  With translators you have a little time to think between each sentence.  
My right shoulder has been almost immobile the past week since apparently injuring it playing volleyball last weekend.  I still can not abduct it but minimally but it is a lot less painful than it was.   I’m not sure if it is a pulled muscle or stirred up arthritis or possibly a partial torn rotator cuff.  Maybe I will get a MRI next April when we come homeon annual leave as there is none available in this country and it is getting better so maybe by then I won’t need anything hopefully.  We are in good health otherwise.
Progress report:  we have electricity in our new house although not all finished yet.  Jamie plans to have the electric and plumbing done in it by next week.  Dolores has been busy painting in Danae’s house also cooking meals for a German boy here the past month but he left today.  
Our emails are:  drbland@sbcglobal.net  and  dfbland01@gmail.com  
Love, Rollin and  Dolores

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