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August 3, 2013

It seems lonely around here without Danae, Olen, Lyol, Zane, and
Addison even though there are other people here. We got the new
medical students from Denmark and a nursing student from Poland here
Wednesday night. I drove to Kelo to pick them up from the bus which
arrived there about 1930. The “road” between Bere and Kelo was
almost all dry but now it has rained some more. They plan to leave
in a month so hope the road is open by then. They seem like nice

The car battery would not hold a charge even when disconnected so had
to buy a new battery and it is fine now and the car starts good
although it still has the acceleration problems like lack of spark
advance or something.

We have Foley catheters that are defective and the balloons don’t hold
so now we test them before insertion but sometimes they explode even
after they have been inserted. This makes it very difficult when
this happens after a urethra stricture dilation then have to redo.
The dilation actually is tunneling a new channel sometimes so needs
the foley to remain for a long time. This new batch apparently were
imported from China and are very inferior quality. Maybe they got
too hot and the material was ruined that they are made of. We can
hardly use any insulin because of lack of good control of temperature
in transport and so the potency is highly variable. But then some
medicines are not available at all especially meds for hypertension.
Fortunately there is not much hypertension mostly in preeclampsia.
We did a hemithyroidectomy a few days ago for a large nodule that
seemed well encapsulated but it appeared to be papillary inside so
maybe was a cancer or ? Anyway she did very well and has gone home.
The hospital sponsored futbol (soccer) team won the final game today
to take the Tandjele (state) cup. Our hospital administrator was
there to accept the cup for the team.

What about Ebola that I’m sure you are hearing about in the news.
So far as is known it is still a long way from us over in Liberia,
Sierra Leone, and Guinea although one doctor came from Liberia to
Lagos, Nigeria collapsed at the airport and died in a hospital.
Ebola has symptoms similar to malaria but later they develope bleeding
from various places. There is not a good simple test for it that I
know about and there is no specific treatment except fluids and
symptomatic treatment. It is transmitted in body fluids such as
semen, urine, feces, salivia etc. so a casual contact should be safe.
Being in the same airplane etc should not be dangerous. It
apparently is closely related to Lassa fever virus that we had in
Nigeria in 1969. The doctor that was going to deliver our son Edwin
died with Lassa fever then. Ebola has been identified since 1976 but
the present outbreak is the worst one with over 1000 cases and over
700 deaths with a 70-90% mortality. There is lots of misinformation
out there about Ebola like there used to be about HIV. Some
villagers have said that they thought it was something brought in by
foreigners and have tried to block those that were coming to help
them. They are working on a vaccine for Ebola but none released yet
for humans although Ebola has been around for many years it is just
now getting attention. It is a long way from Chad and hopefully will
stay away from here. Some of you probably know more about Ebola than
we do. There is a NIH Ebola web page that has quite a bit of
information. Now President Obama has signed executive order that
allows personnel to quarantine you if they even “think” you have a
“respiratory illness” so don’t cough in public esp on an airplane or
airport. The Department of Defense says it has dispatched
biological detection kits to National Guard units in all 50 states
with the capability of “diagnosing the virus in infected patients in
as little as 30 minutes”. Isolation “would not be a voluntary
thing”. Now some are saying that Ebola can be transmitted by
aerosols ie coughing and can survive for days outside infected hosts.
What is the truth in all this? But the US government is using this
threat to virtual set up martial law and loss of freedoms according to
some sources.

Continue to pray for us and our various problems. The Lord will
take care of us.
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Love Rollin and Dolores  

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