Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Parkers leave, leaving us with big needs

It was a sad day Monday as Jamie and Tammy Parker said good bye to everyone and left for the USA and not planning to return. Actually they left Mar 31 and returned here about a month ago to pack and make various arrangements to return permanently to the US. They had been living here the past 5 years as volunteers on donations. They had helped a lot of kids and he had done a lot of maintainance and construction work. I guess we are the ones for maintaining now. We could certainly use some people to do construction especially plumbing and electrical work on our new buildings so they can be used. If you are interested send an email. We can use short term or longer term people. 

We have had 3 colon resections during the past week. One was a right hemicolectomy for obstruction because of a cancer of the ascending colon. Unfortunately he also has some metastasis in the liver. He is doing well eating and walking post op. Another partial colectomy was for an obstruction of the transverse colon because of a cancer but also had metastasis to the liver. He also is doing well post op. Both had palpable masses similar to walled off appendiceal abcess. The transverse colon was very redundant and was down low in the abdomen. Of course no CT or even x-ray so rely on physical diagnosis. Yesterday we had a right hemicolectomy for an intussisseption that we could not reduce. We also had another urinary obstruction because of much scarring and probable cancer of the prostate which we were unable to resect but was able to dilate the urethra enough to get in a 24F Foley which we plan to leave for a long time.

I was supposed to do a study for prayer meeting past evening but was doing the intussisseption case about that time so Olen filled in for me. Yesterday morning I took some photos of a Bible training group that is being conducted in a new church in Doubge about 6 miles from here. The 20 attendees then are expected to conduct outreach in their various villages. One man bicycled 75 kilometers to attend. 

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