Wednesday, January 20, 2016

January 17, 2016

Business here at the hospital has been slower than normal for this time of year. Usually Jan is the busiest of the year with nearly 180 or 200 surgeries etc but it won't be that many this year. The crops were less as the rainy season was less and the oil prices are very low and lots of government workers are not getting paid because no money so the economy is not very good. We have been averaging about 2 prostatectomies per week and we have had several mastectomies and a few vaginal hysterectomies. We have also seen several unresectable cancers of various kinds. We have had several incomplete miscarriages that required curettages. The man that had been shot with a gun in his back was beginning to recover except still had paralysis in his leg; but then he got severe malaria and he died. 
We are looking forward to return of Olen, Danae, Lyol, Zane, Addison, and Juniper (which we have not seen yet except in pictures). They should be here in Bere Wed. Jan 20.
A volunteer, David Hendricks, has arrived to be here a few months helping to get some building projects done and usable. We are glad for that. 

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Hopital Adventiste de Bere
Boite Postal 52
Kelo, Tandjile, Chad, Afrique

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