Sunday, March 27, 2016

Miracles still happen. The lady that I mentioned last time that we took the tumor from her wrist and forearm including radial artery, radius nerve, and flexor tendons and had question of her hand even surviving surgery is now doing well. Amazingly she not only has a surviving hand but has function and feeling and can flex and extend all her fingers. Dr. Greg Shank and I did the surgery together and we both thought she actually needed an amputation mid forearm and even asked permission to do so but was refused by her brother (husband was not here). The little girl that we took out a large sequestrum of her tibia is almost healed already. The lady that we did a 3rd ray amputation of her hand healed well; and now a man with a 5th ray amputation of his hand is doing well. Both were for necrotic (dead) fingers. We had another intussisseption a few days ago of descending colon and sigmoid colon down into the rectal colon and could palpate it through the anus. We resected part of the sigmoid colon and split the rectal colon longitudinally to be able to reduce the mass that had pulled the colon down then we repaired and reanastamosed the colon. She is doing well so far.

We are unable to get Facebook most of the time because of the bad internet. Facebook was banned from Chad for awhile because the "president's" boy and some other boys raped a pretty Arab girl and posted a video of it on Facebook. Cannot get Skype. 

I, with prayer, finally diagnosed the problem with my Toyota 4-runner. It would start and run sometimes and other times it would not so was afraid to go anywhere with it. It turned out to be a loose wire to the fuel pump. The loose connection was on top of the fuel tank which is under the back seat. The fuel gauge still does not work but if we keep track of the miles driven that is not too much of a problem. 

Danae's camel is quite obstinate at times. She is not trained yet. They tied a bag unto her back and the camel went crazy bucking and trying to get the thing off. She tries to kick sometimes. 

We had our first rain 2 nights ago. It was perhaps 1/4 inch (about 6 mm) It was still 85-90F during and after the shower. 

We are all healthy presently. 

Today March 25 is Dolores' birthday. Thanks for all the birthday wishes. We are unable to log into facebook presently. We are still young maybe younger than some that don't have as many years as we have. The Lord has been good to us. 

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