Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Blog May 17, 2017
The previous blog of May 7 somehow did not get sent.  
It has cooled down slightly but still no significant rain.
Some days are more busy than others.  The hospital census was 60 a few days ago but today was 45.  One day we had a prostatectomy, a typhoid perforation of small intestine, a hernia repair, an ectopic pregnancy, and a c-section all in same day.  Today we had a laparotomy for a twisted intestine which caused a small part to die which we had to take out and reanastomise and then a  c-section on a lady with a very small pelvis and a large baby that we thought was dead but we did the c-section anyway and the baby is surviving and looks ok..  really a miracle.   
Dolores has had spells of "heart racing" and "heart pounding" usually at night since her episode of a-fib April 8.  Usually the rate is 80-100 when her usual at night is about 60.  The sensation and rate have been fairly well controlled with deltiazem which we were finally able to get from NDJ (took 3 days).  She has an appointment with the chief cardiac electrophysiologist Dr. Mandipati at Loma Linda after we arrive there this next weekend May 26.  We were going to be at Loma Linda anyway for Rachel's graduation from Dental Hygiene school.  Nothing serious is found.   Dolores had a cardiac workup Feb 2015 for chest pain which was chest wall pain and the heart was fine.   
Danae and Olen left our pickup camper at Gloria's (Dolores sister in Riverside) so we will have wheels.  Hoping to spend a few days in the desert and mountains on the way to Denver and S. Dakota and finally back to Oklahoma.   Olen and Danae are now in the air on the way back to Chad.  
I think we will finish getting the new pump in the new well tomorrow as we have now waterproof splice for the electric wire going down into the well.  For the low voltage 195 instead of 220 we have some new wire that we hope to run from generator to the well shorter distance so hopefully increase the voltage somewhat.
Our emails are and
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Kelo, Tandjile,  Chad,  Afrique

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