Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Blog 13 Sept 2017

We are still in the heart of rainy season with rain almost every day.   It has rained 8.4 inches (21.3 cm) in the past 2 weeks.   It is great for the rice crop but bad if you want to go anywhere.   Some of the ground nuts (peanuts) are being harvested also some millet.   The countryside is pretty and green just don't want to try to drive anywhere much.  
Hospital business is somewhat slow this time of year although the census has stayed up pretty well partly because it is difficult to get here and partly no money until harvest time.   The pregnant lady that had sigmoid colon and some small intestine removed because of a strangulated internal hernia has aborted as expected but is doing well and went home yesterday.   Danae and I have done some vesico-vaginal (bladder to vagina) fistula repairs that so far appear to be holding and are dry.   Sometimes they can break down even after a month but hope they do ok with no complications.   We had a mid shaft femur fracture a few days ago that her family refused treatment here but took her to the "traditional healer" (witch doctor) instead.  Not sure why she was brought in.   The "traditional healers" have a lot of power over the people.  Spiritism and animism are still very strong.  Even some "Christians" believe and practice some of the "traditional" methods to keep the evil spirits away. etc.  
Danae is trying to study for her OB-Gyn boards that she is to take in Jan. so I am doing rounds most of the time so she can have more time.   Dolores takes care of the kids although this week she is recovering from malaria and a "cold".
We visited a nomad Arab group with Sarah Sexton, a midwife from the USA, that was visiting here for 2 days on her way to Rwanda and the Congo.   She wants to be a missionary to the nomads Arab and Fulani who are mostly Moslem and live with them.   We had to take a canoe across the river to their encampment.   They were very friendly and some have been to our hospital although the head of the group was reciting his prayers  while we were there.   They insisted we drink some warm fresh milk from the cows .   The milk was very rich.  
Haven't gone to the "bush church"  past 2 weeks because of the high water in the "roads"  We hear that a group of 200 that want studies and want to become SDA christians.  Pray for everyone that they may learn about salvation through Jesus and His grace.   There is a Fulani pastor who became a Christian, the first of his family or tribe.   It is very difficult for him as there is a death threat over him because of that.  His wife was taken away by his father-in-law and a son was also killed in front of him.  It is difficult for a Moslem to become a Christian.  He wants and needs more training but needs financial support.   He has a nice Nigerian wife now and now a new set of twins.  He wants to return to his own people and try to teach them about the love of God even though it may be dangerous to do so.   Pray for him
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