Sometimes we dream of cool weather or of air conditioning but we felt “cold” the other morning when it dipped to 75 and needed a sheet or blanket to cover up in bed. Today it is more like 85 in the am. And the humidity in the 90’s with temp in the 90’s. The AC in the OR only works part time as the inverter for it keeps cutting out esp when it is so hot.  The rains have started and many people are busy working ground with their oxen and plow and planting corn and peanuts and millet etc and soon will plant rice as it gets wetter. There are almost no tractors any where so I’m sure they dream of tractors so they can work more ground and better.
Sometimes we dream of nurses giving their patients medicines as they are supposed to be given but often are not. Maybe even dreaming of nursing that understands what they are taking care of and what they are supposed to do about it. I guess it is good to develop patience even if it is not good for the patients.  Some nurses are very good and conscientious but then there are a few others. I suppose that is true somewhat back home too but we really need some oversight at least part of the time.  We are dreaming of getting a nursing school started and in fact one nurse has just arrived to help make this dream a reality and plans to be here for the next 5 years. Her husband plans to get a radio station started here also hopefully with some good music and educational programs for the Bere community. They know French and there are another two nurses that just arrived but they need to learn French, but they are young so they learn it before us.
We are dreaming of a new OR and new maternity unit and more staff housing and building for the anticipated nursing school and some buildings for anticipated outlying clinics in some other villages with well trained nurses (hopefully) from our nursing school to staff them and refer patients to Bere Hospital, esp for surgeries etc. The Adventist Aviation plane plans to be back in service soon that might help some in transportation.  We are dreaming of having a plan developed for long term future development of Bere Hospital and improving the health care of this country of extreme poverty.  
I’m dreaming of a time when people won’t wait so long to bring their problems to be cared for. I have had to amputate a leg AKA for an injury of two weeks that had multiple open fractures of the tibia and fibula and extremely foul odor and maggots in the wounds. I recently had another leg AKA with similar issues but from large tumor of lower leg also a mastectomy for large tumor mass with larvae in the mass.  Also two children with severe contractures of arm and hands from old burns.  We did surgery on them and their arms and hands won’t be perfect but hopefully they will be functional. The amputees are learning to walk with crutches that are homemade in the village. We are dreaming of them with prosthetic devices someday.  
Oh yes we dream of home at times and seeing and hearing from you.   Some of you have never said anything so we don’t know if you are getting our updates or if you are interested in life out here. Some have been very helpful in keeping us updated on events there
We also dream of Zane being afebrile as he is still has a low grade fever.  He has almost finished his Flagyl treatment for Giardia and is going to have an IV Ceftrixone treatment for 10 days for possible typhoid as suggested by a specialist back in DC.  He has had some diarrhea and has decreased appetite.  So continue your prayers for him.   
We dream of quiet nights sometimes esp when the guineas are making noise and the fruit bats that make noise all night.  The dogs bark under our window anytime and the rooster crows there also esp about 5:00 am.  One would think that they could do their thing somewhere else.   They belong to the neighbor administrator that lives in the house very close to our apartment.  Hopefully our house will be built when the rest of the construction projects are done. They plan to build some other staff housing then also.  
We had a good wind and thunder and lightning storm about midnight last night.  It gave us a good rain also and cooler air. It is really greening up rapidly now that the rains have begun. Corn and okra and peanuts are starting to grow.   
I went out last Thurs and Sunday to a village way out in the bush about 1 ½ to 2 hours away by motorcycle. Part of the way was just trails through the brush and around the water holes. It was a rough ride but “scenic."  We have a dentist here that went along also. We both saw several patients. It also happens to be the village where they hope to start a Bible school. There is a nice government clinic building with plumbing but no water to run in the plumbing. They have only mebendazole, artermeter, paracetamol in stock for worms, malaria, and fever. So I had to write Rx for people to get meds from another town. The clinic personnel were very minimally trained but then the main problems are parasites and malaria. It is a village of about 5000 people. I saw a Fulani group moving their cows and their belongings. They are the nomadic cow herders. There were several different birds but didn’t have time to stop and look at them well. There were 8 of us on 5 motorcycles
We can dream of when we will get our container with our things and a vehicle. It has been finally shipped from Houston.  We probably won’t get it here before Sept. partly because the roads will be impassable for a truck to bring it here before then.  No, I’m not dreaming of a white Christmas.
I’ll quit dreaming but am dreaming of hearing from some of you.  
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Our address is:  Hopital  Adventiste de Bere, 52 Boite Postale, Kelo, Tchad, Afrique.   
Love, Rollin and Dolores