Monday, May 7, 2012

“The Worm” 5 May 2012

Sometimes we have wrong impressions of what we perceive to be the facts.  Remember the story of Jonah in Jonah 4 how he got angry at God because a worm came and made his plant wither that had been sheltering him from the “vehement east wind and the sun beat upon Jonah’s head so that he grew faint”.      We took out a long angry appendix from a young lady then later we heard that in the village it was being said that her sickness was from a big worm that we took out.  The family was shown what was taken out.   Usually we have appendiceal abcess rather than acute appendicitis.  Sometimes we have impressions of  people that are not correct.  First impressions are not necessarily correct ones.  We all have had impressions of people that after we got better acquainted turned out to be absolutely wrong.  We need to know people and be their friends so that we know what the “worm” really is.  
Sometimes I think I can relate to Jonah and the extreme heat especially when the AC does not work in the OR.   Apparently one inverter gets too hot then shuts off the electricity to the AC.  The OR has no outside air source and becomes extremely hot and humid.   One has to drink plenty of water between each case because one will sweat it out during the case and all the clothes or gowns will be saturated with sweat.   So maybe I get upset when the “plant” (AC and inverter) withers and dies or quits.  God was kind to  Jonah in spite of his recalcitrance and saved him from the storm, the fish, and the heat.  God will take care of us also.  The low temperature today was about 90.
Our internet withers and is non functional part of the time but we should be thankful that it works at all and beats snail mail most of the time. 
So far as we know our container with our goods etc. is still in Houston after sitting in Grove for some time. They are still trying to figure out how to ship the battery packs for the hospital because “hazardous materials” can’t be placed with other things but some say they could be if the batteries were shipped with no acid in them but apparently there is disagreement about that.
We are all doing relatively well other than minor GI upsets sometimes.  Zane still has a fever at times even though he was said to be all ok.   We appreciate the prayers of everyone.  Sometimes the thermometer has to cool down to take a temperature if the room temperature is 102 which it sometimes is in the hospital.  Often the patients are out under the mango trees because it is cooler there.    
Love,    Rollin and Dolores

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  1. Praying for you that everyone stays safe. Tell mom Happy Mother's Day!