Saturday, September 1, 2012

Gospel 30 Aug 2012

Gospel means “good news” so we have gospel.  Apparently the kidney stone that began being very painful Aug 14 probably passed about the time we got to Oklahoma City the night of Aug 22 after flying from Africa. We had a CT and urology appt the next day—no stone seen but still hematuria. Today there is no pain and the appointment with the urologist yesterday was all clear. Even the hydrocele that had come up has now gone away spontaneously.      
We are glad we came home though because Ron, Dolores’ brother, is doing poorly with his squamous cell carcinoma of tonsil that is causing airway and swallowing problems.  He has a stomach feeding tube so he can get some Ensure feeding.  He is to get some palliative radiation beginning Sept 4. We did not have any specific reports before so we did not know how extensive it is.  He is still upbeat that “I am going to beat it” but realistically prognosis is very poor.  He and his wife are still in denial it seems. I did have a discussion with his oncologic radiologist yesterday so have a better picture of what is going on.  Ron probably soon will get a tracheostomy to facilitate his breathing. He has quite a bit of pain and is taking morphine.  He and his wife are staying in our house while we are in Chad. I wish there was more we could do. They really need everyone’s prayers. 
We are leaving Oklahoma City to go back to Chad Sept 24. We have seen our children and grandchildren since we arrived in the USA one week ago except the oldest grandchild that is in Ubon, Thailand. We plan to go by there on our way home from Chad next May when we get an annual leave and will be home next June. The present trip home was not scheduled but necessary. When we left Oklahoma in Jan we were busy packing things in the shipping container and did not have time to do anything to our house etc as we left in quite a hurry to make the schedule for Mission Institute in Nairobi then on to Chad. They were needing us in Bere, Chad as soon as possible as it was their busy season although even now it is quite busy. The surgeries are a little bit less but there is more malaria etc during the rainy season. Olen and Danae will be taking their annual leave in Nov. and Dec. 
Love,  Rollin and Dolores
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