Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Update 10 Sept 2012

     It seems we keep busy but don’t get everything done that we want to do. Of course we want to spend time with Ron and communication is slow as he is unable to talk so has to write everything that he wants to say. He realizes now that his time is short and is accepting of it and says he is ready for whenever and whatever happens. His tumor mass is growing rapidly and one can almost see a difference each day.  Even with his tracheostomy he gets short of breath very easily. His oncology team at OU Health Center finally got together with him and Lisa (his wife) Sunday 9-2-12 and spelled it out that the chemo had not really helped and that radiation would not be beneficial and were recommending hospice and we brought him home that same day. I had talked to the oncologic radiologist the previous Thurs and Fri after we had seen Ron’s condition and asked that someone besides family needed to discuss end of life issues with him and Lisa.  Perhaps everyone was in denial to what was really happening but it is very obvious now and they are accepting of it. Ron says he is ready. Jesus' coming can’t be too soon when death and pain will be no more. Ron was a great knapper (a person that makes arrowheads from rock like the native Americans).  He has quite an inventory of different rocks that he was planning to use but now will have to sell in next few days. Some other arrangements for various things are being made including cremation after death.  He is requiting a lot of pain meds and is feeling lots of pressure in his neck. It is closing in on his carotids and jugular. It is possible he would pass before we go back to Chad but I expect a little later.
     Dolores and I are in good health and eating huge amounts. It is almost overwhelming to go into a store and see so many different choices. We have been drinking large amounts of fresh squeezed orange juice. So good!!!  Also eating lots of fresh grapes and apples and strawberries.  Dolores has been working on stuff in the house that we did not have time to do before we left in Jan. I have repaired a barn roof, repaired fence, and various odd jobs around the house such as cleaning out freezers that somehow got unplugged etc.  Of course we have spent time with each of our kids.  
     Just two weeks we will be headed back to Chad. It has been about 100 degrees since being here except the past 2 days in the 50’s to 80’s and the grass growing again since we got some rain the past 2 weeks after almost none the previous 2 or 3 months.  I have had no more pain or other symptoms from the renal stone.
Hopefully the rain is slacking up back in Bere, Chad so that the roads can be opened again. They have had the wettest rainy season in 40+ years. Our container with our things is at Mondou, Chad waiting for the roads to dry up so it can be transported to Bere.  
     Continue to  pray for us
Our emails are: drbland@sbcglobal.net and dfbland@gmail.com  
Snail mail: Hopital Adventiste de Bere, 52 Boite Postale, Kelo, Chad, Afrique
Love,Rollin and Dolores

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