Saturday, May 16, 2015

May 3, 2015

We had a terrific wind and dust storm last night then we had a few sprinkles of rain today but it rained mud. For awhile the visibility was perhaps only a 100 meters. One could see the dust in the air inside the house and the dust accumulated on everything very quickly in just a few minutes. A few tree limbs were broken down especially the mangoes. They got a good rain over in Cameroon. At least today was quite a bit cooler not quite 100 F and low down to 85 which had been only down to 90 the past few days. According to the forecast it is going to warm back up the next few days.

We went to a wedding yesterday. The preacher talked for over 1 1/2 hours. The couple sat during the discourse. There was "music" and dancing afterward even though it was at least 110F in the meeting area. The bride is supposed to be sober and maybe shed a tear but I did see her smile once when I took a picture she with her pastor. The bride wore a nice white dress which I understand they often do not. Dolores took some people in our car and got there more or less on time. But Danae, Olen, and I and Ndilbe (surgery tech who is getting married May 29) were quite late as we had to do a c-section before going. They fed everybody rice, goat, chicken, "gatos" (sort of like doughnuts), and a sweet crepe and a few potatoes for us. We were among the special invited guests so we got served first. We passed on the goat and chicken but the other things were actually quite good. I don't think they know what a "honeymoon" is. The wedding was supposed to begin at 0930 and it went to afternoon The groom was one of the employees of the hospital. One of the gifts to them was a big ram sheep.

It is a little difficult to work on vehicles without all the tools you need. Am replacing the brake shoes on the hospital pickup (one side down) but one rear wheel bearing was making a noise and is very loose so pulled the wheel and axle but don't have what we need to get the old bearing out. Am sending it with someone that says they can do it as well as find a new bearing to put back in then we will put it all back together.
We went to Moundou in our 4-runner Thurs to bring back 3 volunteers from there. One is a Danish medical student. On the way we blew out a tire but had a spare to put on then drove into town and was able to find a new tire to put on for 130000cfa (about $260 US). Thankful we could get one. Our A/C had not worked for a time and we found a place to recharge it but it also needed to have replaced a pulley that had locked up but they were able to replace it so thankful that now we have A/C so if we drive someplace it is much cooler.

Had a strangulated hernia to repair Fri night. This past week we had a large prostate abscess although we did not know it was that until we were doing a prostectomy for "large prostate". Had another prostate with a large stone within the prostate which we took out. We also had another ruptured spleen which came in about 30 hrs after an accident. We opened her and cleaned out all the old blood but fortunately the spleen had sealed itself, no bleeding so closed her and she is doing well 4 days later.

The mangoes are getting less on the trees by our house so not so many fall on our roof but there are still plenty from other trees.

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