Thursday, October 4, 2012

3 Oct Wheels

     We have wheels!!  Our container has been released from customs and we have our Toyota 4 Runner 4-wheel drive with heavy bumper and winch on front. Jamie Parker went to Moundou, got supplies and our vehicle. Tammy (his wife) drove it back through a back “road” about 4 hours to get it here.  We really won’t be driving it a whole lot but it is nice to have when we need or want to. The stuff that was in the vehicle and the vehicle made  it through just fine.  Hopefully the roads will eventually dry up so that our 40-foot container can be moved to Bere. I’m not sure where we will put stuff when we unload it. Our house is just starting to get foundation etc.   There is no way to off load the container here in Bere except by just pulling it off the truck so probably has to be emptied before taking the container off the truck. There is a lift in Moundou that can load the container on the truck. It is beginning to dry up some now. 
     Ron (Dolores’  brother) made it to his knap-in this past week end.  We did not know if he could make it but some of his knapper friends put him in a motel for the week-end and had a raffle for him.  His cancer has been growing pretty fast but we are glad he made that.  That was one of his final things he wanted to do.  

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Love,  Rollin and Dolores

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