Sunday, October 28, 2012

Going to the river 28 Oct

One week ago on Sabbath afternoon we decided to drive to the river with Olen, Danae, Lyol, and Zane in our 4-Runner.  We were following the Parkers in the Land Cruiser.  Both have 4 wheel drive.  They drove through just fine but I got off the road about 6 inches in one place and suddenly went axle deep in the mud and 4 wheel drive would not make.  Our winch was able to be connected to a small palm tree and we winched ourselves out of the mud and drove the rest of the way without any problem even though part of the trail was a foot deep in water.  This way we got to try out our new winch that we had put on before we left home.  It worked great.  The trail was solid under the water.  The Land Cruiser never had any problems. The kids enjoyed the river which was still bank full.  
     Along the way we saw where they were beginning to cut the rice and shock the rice bundles.    All the harvesting is done by hand of the rice, millet, corn, peanuts, or whatever.  The dogs, Sheba and Midnight, really enjoy the water and swimming in the river.  
     Wed eve before Danae left  for furlough, we drove around a few trails south of here and saw some areas we had not seen before even though it is close by.  Actually we had not been anywhere until now.  Now we have a possibility even though we may not have time to do much esp the next two months.  At least the “roads” are getting drier and better so that some villages may actually be accessible.  It is pretty lonely here with Lyol and Zane gone and don’t have Danae to do surgery with her.
     They say the main “road” is not under water anymore.  Where the road was under water was also the area where there are hippos at least in dry season.  One place on the main “road” there is a large tree across the road and one has to go around it off the road.  There are not many chain saws and it is difficult to cut a large log with a machete.  It would make someone a lot of firewood if they could cut it up.   
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